I Love Wolves. This isn't exactly about Wolves but just what i think wolves are.

Love and Wolves


From what I've observed about Wolves they are very protective. They'll literally do anything to protect the ones they love.

they are one of the most dangerous predators alive. Especially when they are hungry.

They mostly move around in packs. Sometimes they are lone wolves searching for food. Wolves are carnivores.
Killing me
Most Wolves are being hunt down by Humans. Sadly they just Kill without even bothering to think about if the Wolf they killed had a family or babies. I mean, com'n, if someone kills someone you love, won't you feel sad? Won't you be heartbroken? Well i believe that Wolves have feelings too. I think that they are sad when a human kills a Wolf from a pack.

Wolves that are in a pack are lead by their leader, Alpha.

Wolf Lifestyle

Wolves mostly live in the forest. They are carnivores and very skilled at hunting. A wolf pack usually contains about 5 to 10 wolves. An average wolf lifespan is up to 4 to 5 years long.There are many different type of Wolves:


Dingo are wolf but they is mostly domestic. They are the closes wolf relative to domestic dogs. They live mostly, in Australia and their species are going extinct 'cause they mate with normal domestic dogs.