Renaming Your Account

If you want to rename your account and you do not know how, do not panic! 

Changing your username is possible on Fandom, but only once, so be sure you want to change it before you submit a request. This process cannot be reversed, and once we change your username, we cannot change it again. Please make sure you have fully read this help page before sending in a request:

Once you have read that help page and are positive on the spelling of your new username, please submit a request below. Once your username is changed, you will receive a confirmation email. You can then log in with your new user name using your old password. Please do understand that if you want to rename your account that you do not create 2 accounts. I will allow 2 accounts, but more than 2 accounts will not be allowed.

If you want to rename your account, click on the link to do so.