Chickens are usually thought of as being dumb, cowardly, and incapable of affection. But that is really not true.


As you know, chickens are birds. And while birds are certainly not as smart as, say, elephants, they are definitely some of the smarter animals in the world. Chickens, though not as smart as some birds, are really capable of being quite bright. Some are smarter than others.

  • Chickens know where safety can be found. They also know when to fight and when to run.
  • Chickens can devise methods of getting into things, if motivated by food.
  • Chickens learn who they can trust, who they should attack or run from, and who is likely to feed them.


Sure, the usual reaction of a chicken is to run. But when something that is bigger than you comes running at you, wouldn't you run too? Chickens, especially hens, are not the most capable fighters. But they do have good legs that can run fast for a long time. Running is simply the best option for them.

Roosters are fierce defenders, usually fighting while the hens run. They often risk their lives for their flocks. And if no rooster is there, a hen will sometimes even do it.


Chickens can be very loving creatures. They often form strong friendship bonds, and a mother and her chicks are inseparable. A chick, given a lot of contact, can become attached to anything. Some continue this bond for years. Though it varies from breed to breed, some chickens are quite friendly towards humans.